BAKANAL is just launched!!



さぁ、バカナルのスタートです。船出です!出航です!webはJun Watanabe氏の協力で、damn dopeなものができました。バカナルのproductはもちろんのこと、このブログからも皆様にアプローチしていきたいと思います。今後もkeep you guys fascinatingの精神で、色々な企画用意しています。バカナル楽しんでください。Aiiiiight!Enjoy!!

Hey what it do?It's your boy U$K. My brand "BAKANAL" is finally started. First of all, let me say THANK YOU to all the people who have been supporting me. Thank you so much guys! Today is the start line, BAKANAL is now on the line to begin the party! Let's get it poppin for real!

If you wanna know who designed such sick web site, check him out! He's my boy and Japanese super designer "Jun Watanabe"! I'm gonna approach to you guys from this blog also. So...keep checkin it out after this! Thanx!


# by BAKANAL | 2007-11-03 23:42 | U$K