1 more week to go!


ちょりっす!どうもどうも、U$Kです。さて、BAKANAL ONLINE STOREオープンまでちょうど1週間となりました。オープン時には35アイテムが一挙にリリースです!そして、その後もどんどん新たなプロダクトがupdateされるので、ちょくちょく遊びにきてください。残り1週間、最後の総仕上げに入ります!うぉぉぉぉぉぉ!

What up? It's your boy U$K. BAKANAL ONLINE STORE is 1 more week to launch. I know you guys are looking forward to it. We're supposed to prepare 35 items when it's open. We will update a bunch of products after the open. So keep checkin it out after the open. Anyway, 1 more week guys!


by BAKANAL | 2008-05-30 13:19 | U$K

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