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まさか!!あれれれ!!?『たいやき』ですか!?無断に撮影してすいません。でも目立ち過ぎです。この方学生達を教える先生の様でした。残り少ないシーズンもう一度いきたいです。笑 あまりのいい天気だったせいか、かなり日焼けしちゃいました。

Hi, it's me, ma2. Well, I went snowboarding for the 3rd time this season. I am really into it, it's so much fun. I can feel myself getting a little better each time and every time I try new things. This time I challenged myself on a jump and the half pipe.
The weather was beautiful and the scenery was great... hold on? a fish!?
I couldn't believe it. There was a Taiyaki* man! Sorry for taking your photo without permission man. But he stood out so much. He was teaching school kids to snowboard.
Hopefully I can go once more this season. I got so sunburnt though.
*Taiyaki is a fish-shaped fried pastry filled with bean paste 'anko'.


by BAKANAL | 2008-03-26 20:35 | ma2

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