Korean Town in Tokyo


毎度!U$Kです。先日東京のコリアンタウン、新大久保にいってきました。サムギョプサルという豚肉焼き焼きとチヂミをeat like a pig!!手軽に本場の味が体験できるので、僕は最近食の韓国ブームが到来しています!


Hey yo what up? It's your boy U$K. You guys know we have Korean Town in Tokyo. It's not big like LA's but we can feel real Korean culture there. It's just behind Shinjuku town so I highly recommend it to foreign tourists.

Tomorrow my homie Tomoya will fight at last. I am damn exciting about it. I will report his fight here later. Check it out. One.


by BAKANAL | 2007-12-02 02:15 | U$K

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